OCP-B: Assistant Web Designer


Following proper Netiquette is a great idea for everyone to follow! Some amazing benefits of creating a respectable and dignified online presence and it will keep you out of being in the situation of being rude to others or a burden. Anytime you choose to make your online presence felt proper netiquette should always be used as the lack of it will destroy your reputation and easily make you new enemies.

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Party Invitation Project







Main Question: Which graphics file format is best to use when?


  • For printing out posters and images the best route to follow would be to use a .tiff format as this would yield the greatest image quality.
  • To be able to easily go back and edit your works the best format to use would be the .psd format. This is the format that Photoshop originally comes with allowing for easier access for future edits.
  • The best option for being able to simply post pictures on the web would be to use for upload to the web or mobile devices would be in a .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF



Photoshop Website Layout



Photo Animation Project


Wire framing Research

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Wire Framing your websites during the planning stages of construction would prove to be a very valuable tool in organizing thoughts and making for an altogether more streamlined and efficient website for easier use and navigation. By wire- framing you will be able to clearly see the overlay of your website and make sure that there are no unneeded pieces or repeats. This is sure to save both you and your website visitors from much unwanted headache.

Logo Design using Adobe Illustrator