Why You Should Build an Online Portfolio

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This article written by Alexandra Janvey, gives excellent information as to why in the new and increasingly digitalizing job market having a solid and respectable online portfolio is crucial. Setting this up will allow you to give potential employers great insight into you and adds more value to your resume which in turn gives you a competitive edge over your peers.


4 Copyright Fair Use Factors

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There are four major factors one must look at when determining  if a use of copyrighted material is covered under the Copyright Fair Use Law. These four factors are:

Media Criticism- It is permissible to use copyrighted material when  criticizing it in the Media such as on the news or internet reviews

Illustration of Argument or Point- It is permissible to use copyrighted material when using for the purpose of teaching or demonstrating a point in which the material clearly help explain such as in a classroom setting

Capturing it While Filming Something Else- It is permissible to use copyrighted material if it is captured where it is not the main focus of attention and happened to be present during the filming or presentation of something else

Using it for Historical Sequence- It is permissible to use copyrighted material when it is absolutely crucial in telling a story about a certain historical chain of events and there is no reasonable substitute t=for the copyrighted material in question.


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